FAQs about Witch Monitor

Witch Monitor is a solution that evaluates the quality of WiFi service from the perspective of users in real-time through independent devices. Through this monitoring technology organizations will obtain the key indicators that describe the end user experience that perceive the user.

Witch Monitor allows reacting to situations of degraded Wi-Fi service, providing comparable information and allowing agile decisions to improve the service offered. Quality-oriented dashboards allow a faithful understanding of the service provided, while smart alerts and troubleshooting tools help network engineers in their day-to-day work.

There is no limit on devices. You can install it on as many devices as you want.

The dashboard of Witch Monitor incorporate information on WiFi quality (WIQS: WiFi Quality Score), availability and stability of services. Witch Monitor also offers hierarchically grouped smart alarms and a geographic map with the status of the measured sites.

Witch Monitor is capable of optimally measuring, a wide variety of metrics, such as the available bandwidth and latency to the Internet, access to the connection gateway, common services such as DHCP and DNS, and application services such as access to web pages or YouTube.

The monitoring of WiFi networks from the user’s point of view allows knowing, beyond infrastructure measures, precise metrics of what the user receives. This is essential in critical services in environments such as hotels, universities, big companies or events, for example where customers need and search hight performance WiFi service.

FAQs about Witch Monitor

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