How does it work?

Automated devices are used to assess end-user experience in real-time. Through this system, efficiency indicators are obtained that will describe in detail the quality of the network service.

Witch Monitor for location

Autonomous devices that allow controlling the areas of difficult access.

Witch Monitor for dashboard

Several tests evaluate the user experience. From here metrics that describe the quality of the service are obtained.

Witch Monitor for signal

Control of the signal and quality of each area covered by a different Hotspot.

Witch Monitor for cloud

IoT technology helps to process all the information obtained in real-time and stores the data in the cloud.

Witch Monitor for machine

Through a dashboard, you can control all the parameters, obtain a history, and know the location of all the devices.

Witch Monitor for statistics

Machine Learning technology is responsible for notifying us when one of the systems goes down due to its causes.

Witch Monitor for mapa

All devices can be easily managed via a map.

Witch Monitor for integration

The entire system can be integrated with other monitoring systems.

Witch Monitor for user

Thanks to these functions, you can sleep peacefully because the end-user will receive the best possible experience.

Centralized management from the Witch Monitor platform

Witch Monitor how works
How does it work Witch Monitor smart alerts

Smart alerts
Alerts screen. Historical alerts can be viewed

Real-time results with comparsions between teams and metrics

Witch Monitor analytics
Witch Monitor quality

Quality of service indicators

Variable SLA heat map

Witch Monitor heatmap
How does it work Witch Monitor quality overview

Quality report

Advanced graphs in histograms

Witch Monitor histogram
Witch Monitor administration

Administration Module. Creation and modification of users.
Locations and alert thresholds

Troubleshooting modules:
Real-time remote commands

How does it work Witch Monitor troubleshooting

Real-time information from the user’s perspective