How does Witch Monitor work?

To monitor the WiFi experience and evaluate in real time the perception of the end user, Witch Monitor uses automated devices to perform the analyzes and reports that indicate the quality of the service that the user is perceiving.

Through this system, Witch Monitor obtains the efficiency indicators, which describe in detail the quality of the network service and make it possible to quickly and proactively detect any problem in the WiFi network.

Thus, the monitoring of the user experience is key to maintaining a high level of quality of service and high user satisfaction.

How does Witch Monitor work?

for location

Autonomous devices that allow controlling the areas of difficult access.

Witch Monitor for dashboard

Several tests evaluate the user experience. From here metrics that describe the quality of the service are obtained.

for signal

Control of the signal and quality of each area covered by a different Hotspot.

Witch Monitor for cloud

IoT technology helps to process all the information obtained in real-time and stores the data in the cloud.

for machine

Through a dashboard, you can control all the parameters, obtain a history, and know the location of all the devices.

for statistics

Machine Learning technology is responsible for notifying us when one of the systems goes down due to its causes.

for mapa

All devices can be easily managed via a map.

for integration

The entire system can be integrated with other monitoring systems.

for user

Thanks to these functions, you can sleep peacefully because the end-user will receive the best possible experience.

How Witch Monitor works? 

Centralized management from the Witch Monitor platform, where the IT team will be able to locate all the devices of the organization, measuring the performance and the end user’s WiFi experience.



Witch Monitor how works
How does it work Witch Monitor smart alerts

Smart alerts 

Alerts functionality that allows intelligent messages to be given in the event of a malfunction in the following situations:

  • A service on a device
  • A device
  • A service for a group of devices
  • A group of devices
  • General Client

Graphs results

Real-time graphs:

  • Show the latest data measured by each device (test results and WiFi network metrics: power, link speed, channel, etc.).
  • Graphs are automatically updated as new data is received.
  • Range of expected values: it’s calculated with the previous measurements of the test, showing all the variance presented in the WiFi service.

Historical charts:

  • User can visualize the data measured by the devices in the desired interval (test results and matrics of the WiFi network: power, link speed, channel, BSSID timeline, etc.)
  • Witch Monitor can represent several devices visually in a graph, so that the user can compare the service offered by the WiFi network in different locations.
  • BBSSID graphs help identify the most common problems in Wi-Fi networks: interference between two access points, saturation, or problems with a specific access point, etc.



Witch Monitor quality

Witch Monitor scores the performance of the monitored network based on three indicators:

  • WIQS (WiFi Quality Score): Scores the quality of the WiFi service provided.
  • Stability: Rate the variability of the service offered.
  • Availability: Indicates the percentage of time in which the service has been available

These indicators are very useful to quickly see the status of the monitored WiFi.


Quality indicators:

The quality indicators present the different reports and dashboards (client, devices groups) in a different level. (device level, service, or test).

  • Homepage: Present the current WiFi service status presenting the status trend indicator in order to know if there is an improvement or worsening.
  • Quality report: This report allows to assess the general operation of the monitored network in the desired interval.
  • Quality Dashboard: Offer a detailed analysis of the current state of the WiFi monitored. The quality indicators are presented in general, by service, by device and by test
  • Quality Dashboard by devices groups: The user can create groups as much as they need, assign all the devices necessary. Users can create different types of groups (by building, by floor, by city/country etc..) and be able to analyze the WiFi status of each different groups.
How does it work Witch Monitor quality overview

The heatmap with Service Level Agreement (SLA) lets the user visualize the days of the week and the hours of the day with the worst WiFi service performance.

This heat map can be consulted grouping by device or group of devices and for all tests and specific test.


The advance graphs offer a view of the distribution of metrics of the devices.

Therefore, it helps find out a tendency of the results as they are visualized in certain region of the scale.


Witch Monitor administration

Administration module:

Creation and modification of users, based on the needs of each client, including locations and alert thresholds.


Troubleshooting modules:

By accessing into the troubleshooting module, users can run a predefined set of network diagnostic commands on their devices and visualize the response in real time. In this way, Witch Monitor perform diagnostics on the network without having to travel to the place where the devices are deployed.

How does it work Witch Monitor troubleshooting

Real-time information from the user’s perspective

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