Wi-Fi experience monitoring for hotels

Wi-Fi experience monitoring for hotels

Wi-Fi experience monitoring for hotels

Improve WiFi score in hotels

A good Wi-Fi connection in a Hotel is an essential service which directly links the assessment of the Wi-Fi network and its billing. For this reason, knowing the Wi-Fi experience from the user’s perspective is important, since the Wi-Fi rating is one of the main criteria used for positioning results by booking pages.

What are the benefits of With Monitor?

  • A better end-user experience.

  • Shows connectivity data by location in real time.

  • Predict incidents or service outages.

  • Improves the cost of the HotSpot service. Either for the service provider or for the end user.

  • You know what the Wi-Fi experience of end users is.

  • Increases the performance of the Wi-Fi network.

  • The IT department knows what the Wi-Fi experience of customers is 24/7.

  • You will contribute to the investment made in the Wi-Fi network.

Having a good Wi-Fi connection in your hotel is essential to ensure complete guest satisfaction and loyalty. Having a good Internet connection, without interruptions or system crashes, brings different benefits to your hotel:

Get more customers

A good Wi-Fi connection will allow hotel guests to connect without problem and can check their social networks, chat, or read emails and news, positively valuing the connection to the hotel network, getting more people to decide to stay in this.

Inscrease business stays

Having an Internet connection without incidents will allow more guests to visit the hotel for business, since they will have the security of being able to continue working from anywhere.

Improves customer service

The employees of your hotel will be able to offer better customer service since all check-in and check-out processes can be done quickly without there being any failures in the network connection.

Customer loyalty

If the Wi-Fi network service is of good quality, guests will have good memories of the hotel, being able to repeat their stay and recommend it to other potential customers.

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